Storyboard Beach Resort

The Storyboard Beach Resort is a located on the Island of Peleliu, Palau, which is considered one of the best dive destinations in the world.  Peleliu island is located Southwest of Koror and is approximately a 45 minute speedboat ride from Koror harbor. The island itself is approximately 8 miles long and 3 miles wide. It has a population of 600 people and the only town is the size of a small European village. The rest of the island is covered in dense jungle. To say that Peleliu Island would be the get away of get aways would be bit of an understatement, and therein lies its charm. Imagine an island where lush, green rainforest covers the hills and deserted, untouched beaches await you. An island where there is no noise from traffic. No light pollution. An island of pristine coral reefs, submerged in the clearest, warm, blue waters imaginable. This is Peleliu island. 

Peleliu also has quite a historic significance. One of the bloodiest battles of World War 2 was fought on the island. When hiking through the jungle, it's quite a common occurrence to stumble across a tank, the remains of a bunker or artillery emplacement, hidden by the ever encroaching undergrowth. Adding yet another fascinating aspect to the island's charm and mystery.

Storyboard is an intimate family-owned resort consisting of six private bungalows built in the traditional island style. These simple wooden crafted bungalows are located along a white sandy beach shaded by lush tropical forest and coconut palm trees, All the bungalows are fully air-conditioned with a ceiling fan, a mini fridge, a patio and an individual bathroom with hot running water. Each cottage faces the sea for spectacular sunset views from your balcony. While on sleepy Peleliu, we suggest checking out from civilization. But, if you must stay connected, Wifi is available throughout the beachfront property with a PNCC prepaid card sold at the local convenience store.  

The beauty of being out on Peleliu is your proximity to the most popular dive sites in Palau. In less than 20 minutes, divers can explore the famous Blue Hole and Blue corner, Big Drop Off, Turtle Cove and German Channel. It’s just a couple minutes to Peleliu Wall and Peleliu Corner plus Sting Ray Point. Storyboard will make the diving arrangements for you at the local dive shop.