Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi is a remote luxury dive resort in southeastern Sulawesi. Located in a tranquil island setting, with no other divers around for at least 100 miles, Wakatobi seamlessly blends five-star amenities and civilized comforts with a pristine natural environment. A private charter flight will transport you from Bali to Wakatobi in less than three hours, followed by a short boat ride to the resort where your vacation will truly begin. This exclusive resort features just 17 Ocean Bungalows, 9 Palm Bungalows and 4 Villas. Accommodations are within easy walking distance of all amenities and all are just a short distance from the beach. Each hand-crafted villa and bungalow is spacious and quiet with air-conditioning and wi-fi access. All your meals and snacks (chef-prepared in the beachside restaurant) are included throughout your stay.

Diving and snorkeling at Wakatobi is mind-blowing. Located at the world’s epicenter of coral reef biodiversity, you can see the greatest variety of marine life as well as new and undocumented species that await discovery. The house reef is world-famous as the reef and wall are right in front of the resort. There’s enough territory and diversity to keep divers and snorkelers exploring for several days. This is an amazing place to learn how to dive with personalized dive courses and special programs for kids. In addition, there are more than 40 sites easily accessible by day boats. Night dives are also available as well as a Private Dive Experience Manager, whose focus is to tailor an exclusive, personalized diving experience to fit your individual needs. Take a break from diving and enjoy kitesurfing, paddle boarding, yoga, nature hike, village visits and Wakatobi’s sumptuous spa.

The Pelagian sets sail from here to show you a different kind of diving to that seen at Wakatobi resort with muck diving par excellence. When you've dived sites around Wakatobi Dive Resort, you’ll definitely want to expand your dive adventures to the reef systems beyond the island of Tomia.

Wakatobi is an exclusive resort, with just 17 Ocean Bungalows, 9 Palm Bungalows and 4 Villas. Accommodations are within easy walking distance of all amenities and all are just a short distance from the beach and the ocean.

All accommodation packages include:

* VIP greeting and assistance upon your arrival in Bali, Indonesia

* All meals (delicious and highly varied multi-course chef prepared meals and snacks)

* A traditional village tour

* A reef protection and community development contribution
* Internet access via satellite

* In-room air conditioners

* In-room aromatherapy soaps and lotion

* In-room amenities such as minibar, coffee pot, towels, hair dryer and safe

* Afternoon turn-down service and daily housekeeping

* Remoteness from the rest of the world, free of city lights, noise and traffic

Two Bedroom Villa

The Two-bedroom Pool Villa Plus package elevates the Wakatobi Villa experience to a whole new level with even more amenities included for added value and indulgence–such as a daily private boat, an additional private guide and spa treatments.

Two-bedroom pool villas provide extra living space for friends, family or those seeking even more space during their holiday. Located at the north end of the resort they have panoramic views of the reef and ocean, and offer upscale touches such as sculpted stonework and indoor/outdoor spaces. They include two large bedrooms, each with full baths, plus an outdoor spa shower, a private pool surrounded by expansive deck space with steps down to the beach and pristine waters of the House Reef. There is an ocean-view bathtub in villa number two.

One Bedroom Villa

The One-bedroom Villas are located at the furthest point north along Wakatobi’s beach. Set on a low ledge overlooking the beach and House Reef, they offer privacy and spacious comfort, complemented by unobstructed views of the ocean and Wakatobi’s spectacular sunsets. One-bedroom villas include full baths plus an outdoor spa shower and expansive decks with steps down to the ocean. Villa number 3 also includes an infinity pool that extends out from the deck.

Ocean Bungalow

Take in a glorious view at the end of a satisfying day’s diving, to a soundtrack of waves gently lapping on the shore - all while seated on the balcony or in one of the comfortable lounge chairs in front of your Ocean Bungalow. All have commodious front porches with comfortable lounge beds and stunning sea views. Ocean Bungalows have indoor bathrooms and spacious Asian spa-style outdoor showers. If you are seeking the optimal blend of luxury and economy, an Ocean Bungalow is the best choice.

Turtle Beach Bungalows (New)
Turtle Beach Bungalows are a jumbo-sized take on the popular Ocean Bungalows, and include a beautiful beach setting with a stunning view of the ocean and reef. These secluded spacious new bungalows are perfect for couples and families. Even more expansive are the bathroom and shower areas. The enlarged indoor bathrooms of the Turtle Beach Bungalows include double sinks and large dressing and drying spaces. This area in turn connects to an Asian-style outdoor shower garden featuring a pair of rainfall shower heads and a separate outdoor entrance from the beach. This is an ideal feature for swimmers and divers who don’t want to track sand and water through the bungalow.

Palm Bungalow

Savor nature’s music - birdsong, the waves lapping a stone’s throw away and the breeze rustling in the trees - from the verandah of your Palm Bungalow. These very comfortable bungalows are located slightly behind and in-between the front-row Ocean Bungalows amidst beautiful palm trees and other tropical plants. All your basic needs are catered to in a Palm Bungalow and, as in all accommodation types, you’ll enjoy Wakatobi’s renowned and personalized service and chef prepared meals.


Nowhere else do you have such ease of access to miles of pristine reefs with diverse topography, life and highlights. In other locations you collect the good dive sites together over large areas with perhaps long and arduous boat journeys in between and might not even get close to what Wakatobi offers out there right at the doorstep.

House Reef

The house reef is world-famous. Some guests never go on a boat dive because the reef and wall right in front of our resort provides enough territory and diversity to keep them exploring for several days. There is no need to swim long distances. We even offer 'taxi-boat' services to transport you up current to extended parts of the House Reef to explore or enjoy a beautiful drift back to the jetty.

Fluo diving; a new dimension, new experience

Experience a new dimension in diving so exclusive that more people have seen Earth from space than have seen corals in this totally new light! Fish suddenly speak and coral communicate through fluorescence.

Night Diving

Night Diving at Wakatobi is fantastic!. One or two night dives (depending on length of the trip and weather) will be offered from the boats. You can dive any night on the house reef in front of the resort (unguided buddy teams). Simply gear up in the diver preparation area and walk-in off the beach. Night dives should be finished at the latest by 10.00 p.m. but special arrangements can be made to dive at other hours.

Boat Dives

We have more than 40 sites that we regularly dive, all accessible by our day boats. Boat rides range from 10 minutes up to a maximum of an hour for a few of the furthest sites.


Wakatobi’s House Reef is a cornucopia of marine life and snorkelers can wade in directly from the beach or enter from the jetty ladder. The seagrass shallows are refuge to species such as filefish, coconut octopus and halimeda ghost pipefish, while areas surrounding the various coral heads host numerous colorful juveniles, cuttlefish, crocodilefish, moral eels, juvenile green and hawksbill turtles and more. Additionally, at least seven species of anemonefish have been counted in the area surrounding the jetty and Jetty Bar! The dramatic drop off where the House Reef wall begins offers glimpses out into the blue and down the wall - turtles, bumphead parrotfish, rays, mild-mannered triggerfish, boxfish, pufferfish and midnight snapper can be seen among many other species.

Whether you are a non-diver or would simply like to take break from the scheduled dives, Wakatobi offers a plethora of non-diving activities, both water-based and on land, to absorb you whether you are looking for physical or intellectual distraction.


Wakatobi offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing with large expanses of open water close to the resort and ample winds. Kitesurfers are all provided with a waterproof walkie-talkie and may tap the knowledge of our resident kitesurfing guide and tutor.

The shallows and mangrove forests surrounding Wakatobi are the nurseries of the reef, and rich habitat for a host of resident bird populations, invertebrates and colorful fish life. You can glide over these calm waters in a self-guided kayak or SUP tour, or go with an experienced guide who knows the best sights and sounds of this saltwater forest.


The Onemobaa Nature Trail leads guests from the resort into a world of pristine greenery, and on to a local village on the island. Paths crisscross the interior, providing opportunities for nature lovers and bird watchers alike. Keep your eyes open for monitor lizards, which can often be seen in an area that has been set aside as habitat for these intriguing animals.


Enhance your Wakatobi stay with a visit to neighboring islands, where you can engage in walking tours of villages and open-air markets and immerse yourself in the local culture. Many of our staff are from the local villages, which welcome resort guests into their communities. Bring a camera, as curious and gregarious children are often eager to pose for photos.

Wakatobi is a peaceful and inspiring location, where guests are immersed in a setting of clear water, fresh air, and a wide-open sky dominated by sun, moon and stars. There is nowhere better to calm your mind and relax the body than our remote paradise. At Wakatobi, inspiration can come not only from sitting quietly, but also from drinking in the richness of our natural surroundings, or by simply walking barefoot on a secluded sandy beach.

Soak up a sumptuous spa during your stay. East and West come together at Wakatobi’s spa, which blends the best of Indonesian and European traditions.

You will enjoy the tranquility and secluded location of Wakatobi; no traffic noise, no pollution, no other divers for at least 100 miles. Although we are far off the beaten track, our private charter flight will transport you from Bali to our purpose-built airstrip in less than three hours, followed by a short boat ride to our resort and your vacation will truly begin. THE private air charter brings you from Bali to our purpose-built airstrip in a two-and-a-half hour flight over some breathtaking tropical island scenery, then it's a short drive and boat ride to the resort. A light meal is served on the flight and you will be assisted with all checked baggage. We would be happy to make hotel arrangements on Bali before and after your stay.